becomes reality.

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration"
-- Nikola Tesla

Christine Diana Poulin

Christine is a teacher, an artist, an energy and shamanic practitioner.  She is what we call an "Intuitive Empath".  She feels, hears, sees what most cannot perceive.  She has been traveling with her consciousness for the last 45 years, or so.  It all started without any warning, and was simply, and innately activated when she was 7 years old.  It was an activation that came from something innate and she simply knew that it was going to be part of her abilities in this lifetime.  For her, it's always been natural to be connected to the other realms while consciously walking on this Earth.  That is probably why some of the Shamans she met in the Andes called her a puma, because she walks between the worlds, naturally, with her two feet profoundly anchored in this 3D world of ours.

'We are in an era where the Human Race will realize that what it thought to be real was only an illusion."




What lies in the center of the biggest of galaxies also lies in the center of each of our cells.

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"The sessions were extremely intense...  They opened a new way of Being for me, creating a divine connection more than I have ever felt before."

LORENA, Uruguay

"First I felt a great sense of freedom, right after the "Interdimensional Transformation" session.  The fears that I had of not being successful with my projects disappeared...  I was able to easily create what I wanted and money is manifesting itself in an amazing way."


Montreal, Canada

"I have a very clear feeling of being more connected to my Soul.  The doubts and that useless duality that were preventing me from evolving and keeping my mind so busy transformed themselves.  I am more ME, that Being that has so many more possibilities than I thought."

MARIA, Ecuador



Mountain Sunset
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Become who you really are...

An incredible and powerful interdimensional Being.

Devenez ce que vous êtes réellement...

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