Intuitive Empath

Energy and Shamanic Practitioner


Christine Poulin is a teacher, an artist, an energy and shamanic practitioner.  She is what we call an "Intuitive Empath".  She feels, hears, sees what most cannot perceive.  She has been traveling with her consciousness for the last 45 years, or so.  It all started without any warning, and was simply, and innately activated when she was 7 years old.  It was an activation that came from something innate and she simply knew that it was going to be part of her abilities in this lifetime.  For her, it's always been natural to be connected to the other realms while consciously walking on this Earth.  That is probably why some of the Shamans she met in the Andes called her a puma, because she walks between the worlds, naturally, with her two feet profoundly anchored in this 3D world of ours.


She studied in criminology, psychology and education.  She has an analytical mind, very scientific and artistic, as well.  Both of her hemispheres are extremely active.  She loves quantum physics, anthroposophy, astrophysics, art in its many forms (painting, dancing, designing jewelry, sewing), ancient civilizations, ancient languages...  And that is why she is wishing to study Sanskrit and Aramaic which are two languages that possess interesting characteristics regarding the frequencies they carry... 

Although interacting with the subtle worlds has been a natural thing for her,  she has studied many techniques (Reiki-Master Level, Ama Deus, Quantum Touch, Matrix Energetics, PsychoKinergy, Interdimensional Transformation, Soul Retrieval, Connecting with your Totem Animal, Etheric Implant Extraction, etc...).  She is now using her own techniques.

Walking between the worlds is possible for all Humans. Our antenna simply needs to be updated.  When we understand that most people perceive less than 1% of the light spectrum, we quickly deduct that they see less than 1% of what really exists, what really surrounds us.  Well, it's actually more like 0,35 %...  Most people see only 0,35% of what exists !  That says a lot !   There is so much more than that 0,35% !  So much more and we all have access to it.  It should simply be normal for us to see, to witness what lies around us and to remember our divine nature.  To see beyond that is part of our abilities, natural abilities. We simply have forgotten how.

For a very long time, she has been able to connect herself to events, places, people, beings, and gather information.  She could be sitting having lunch and getting info about an earthquake that is happening at  the other end of the world, and feeling the event, having visual input about it, as well... For her, to receive info is normal. It is like breathing.


Christine knows that every human being has access to the frequential information that lies in everything.  She not only believes it, she has been shown how we are all interconnected by energetic pathways and how our consciousness can open new pathways.  The data is accessible to all as we are part of a huge informational network which is in fact conscious...  a huge conscious infrastructure just like the internet and we are all connected to it.  We participate either consciously or unconsciously to the expansion or "devolution" of our own individual energetic structures, those of the Collective's, those of the Human Race and those of "everything that is".  It's all one huge network.  Nothing is separated from it.  We send every thought, every emotion, every action, every word to that huge network, to our own genome and all other genomes.  Part of the key in creating a greater connection and a conscious relationship with that network lies in updating our systems and activating the knowledge that lies inside of us.

"What lies in the heart of the most distant galaxies also lies in each of our cells."
-- Christine Poulin

Christine Poulin feels world events before they happen... tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, attacks, wars, changes in the morphogenetic fields, etc.   It is possible for her to connect herself to the coded information that exists in all things, to observe it, to decode it, to interact with it, to extract the data and to even modify it.  When having visions of things to come, she dives into them in order to gather information, specific data.  We need to remember that all the possible scenarios, all the probabilities exist as coded information in the grids surrounding and composing us.  When our personal antenna is of the latest technology, we connect, decode information automatically...  We travel with our consciousness to the past, the present, the future because they are all just ONE.

Many times during her life, Christine went through sudden and intense spiritual openings allowing her to access more precise info, developing new abilities, letting her dive even more profoundly into the very interesting realities of who we really are as human beings.  We are amazing beings.

Since the age of 7, when the veil was lifted for her, she has become conscious and aware that humans... well, most of them anyway, have been programed to walk in a fog and to forget their real nature, their inter dimensional potential, their origins, their abilities which are, in fact, extraordinary.


Christine intrinsically and factually knows that a lot people who have amazing abilities have been misguided, have been sedated, labeled, and even admitted to facilities that have no understanding of what is really happening.  In order to understand the way the human mind works, its potentials, we have to get out of the conventional, limiting and debilitating programs we have been fed.  The actual systems that manage our lives need to change, need to recognize the real potential of what it means to be Human or else, we are kept in a prison that doesn't allow us to evolve.

"We have entered in an era where Humanity

will realize that the realities it thought to be true were simply illusions."

-- Christine Poulin

Regularly, she receives coded information, images, symbols, techniques assisting her in her work and helping her to contribute to the energetic planetary changes taking place right now.  She has been working on the planetary grids for quite a while, hoping to bring more light into this world. It is extremely important for her to share the info she receives, in order to assist the Human Race in transmuting its limits, in deciphering the real from the illusion, in activating what has been turned off...  and in remembering its incredible nature.

At the age of 9, she started reading about ancient languages and calligraphy, ancient civilizations, the powers of the mind and of thoughts, about meditation, etc...  And the more she was discovering, the more she was remembering that she already knew all that and that she simply needed to reactivate the inner knowledge and wisdom.  She knew that everything was already inside of her. 


We can open up to what we are via our Consciousness level.  The latter is the master key giving us access to all the info we need... and that is precisely what ONE HUMANITY NOW wishes to accomplish with you :  activate the keys that you already possess.  Reactivating the inner keys that you already possess will assist us all in the elaboration of more luminous scenarios for the Human Race.  That is part of our basic premise.

Her trips in Latin America, where she lived for almost 5 years have transformed her.  The vibrations from the land of the Incas -- Peru -- opened inner portals that permitted her to receive more information and to deploy her antenna, which has become more performing.  Therefore, she has been receiving more and more information.  In the land of the Incas, she is called the "puma", by the Qeros, simply because she is able to walk between the worlds.

She intrinsically knows that many human beings are being "managed" by limited concepts, and limiting beliefs...  by programs that keep them in boxes...  but for her, there is no box.  And one of her greatest wishes is to witness the transformation of Humanity itself...  one of her greatest wishes is to witness Humanity remembering its real nature, Humanity standing together in order to reconnect itself with the rest of Creation.

Lets remember... 


We are so much more than we think... 


So much more than we've been led to believe.