Divine Portal

Evolution is now.

We are transmitters and receivers of sacred frequential data.  When we are aligned, we consciously participate into the elevation of consciousness on Earth, and in other realms as well.  Thus, we become Lighthouses transmitting high frequencies and feeding the Collective with amazing possibilities, allowing it to transform its limits.    We are Divine Portals.

This is what "Divine Portal" offers:

  • solidifying the alignment of our 7 major chakras

  • activation of sacred geometry in our Central Column of Light

  • installation of inter dimensional anchors  connecting us to our inner realms.  It is through them that we manifest our outer realities

  • activating crystalline codes in our core, pineal gland, Heart Center, the Third Eye

  • transmuting memories, programs, beliefs present in holographic realities affecting us

  • extracting and neutralizing energetic implants coming from various groups and gurus (from this lifetime, past lives and parallell lives)

  • fine tuning our global frequency

Note: while and/or after receiving a healing sessions, layers of what needs to be transformed might show themselves.  If that is the case, they will be transmuted.


Note: After purchasing the session, the client will need to provide this info:  name, date of birth, city and country, a recent picture.  Pictures contain the person's energy.  It will then be used to connect with the hyper dimensional frequential data contained in the client's energy.

An hour before the session, I will start meditating on the client's energy and situation.  This is also done in order to create a sacred and protected healing space. The session usually lasts an hour.  Then, a written report is sent to the client.

$89 USD

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