Intuitive Empath

Energy and Shamanic Practitioner




  • Liberation and transformation of karmic and ancestral memories...

  • Liberation of energetic implants (old and limiting programs, ancient systems of beliefs that are not serving the client)...

  • Activation de spiritual keys...

  • Imprinting of an interdimensional seal of protection...

  • This session offers a profound cleansing of memories that have been transmitted from lifetime to lifetime and from generation to generation...

  • The client must choose two things to work on...

  • Length of session :  one hour

  • Needed for session :  name, picture, date of birth, city, country

       Price :  85$ USD


  • This session is for someone who has already left this realm.

  • It is a session that allows the practitioner to connect herself with the energy of the person who has left this realm in order to make sure that the Soul has left and is not "stuck" between worlds.

  • If the transition has not been done with ease, this session helps the Soul to reconnect with the next phase of its journey and evolution.

  • Helps the Soul to find peace and transmute emotions that are preventing it to go forward.

  • Length of session :  one hour

  • Needed for session :  name, photo, date of birth and death.

      Prix :  105$ USD


  • This session assists the person in leaving this realm.  Fears, negativity, regrets and depression are transformed.

  • Frequency of inner peace is brought to the person.

  • Helps the person to see clearly and to start a dialogue with their Soul in order to make a decision.

  • Transformation of energies of emotional trauma in energies of calm.

  • Length of session :  9 days (work is done during the first three days, then there is a pause of three days, and work is done during the last three other days).

  • Needed for session :  name,picture, date of birth, city, country.

      Price : 105$ USD

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"The sessions were extremely intense...  They opened a new way of Being for me, creating a divine connection more than I have ever felt before."

-- Lorena, Uruguay

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"First I felt a great sense of freedom, right after the "Interdimensional Transformation" session.  The fears that I had of not being successful in project disappeared...  My projects took place and money is manifesting itself in an amazing way."

--Mathieu G.

Montréal, Canada

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"Like always, you bring us in places that are absolutely amazing.  You must come to France to teach us your techniques."

--Vincianne, France

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"I have a very clear feeling of being more connected to my Soul.  The doubts and that useless duality that were preventing me from evolving and keeping my mind so busy transformed themselves.  I am more ME, that Being that has so many more possibilities than I thought."

--Maria, Ecuador

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"FOR A SECOND TIME, you saw clearly...  and shortly after the session, everything changed and became clearer.  My mission became clearer.  I started to write.  It became clear that i needed to transmit information in order to help people.  And that info started to flow.  Thanks."

--Valérie, France

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"Even if you were at 3,000 km away, I really felt your work. The waves of energy started to come in, right at the beginning of the session.  I could feel the energy move inside of me and start transforming the blockages.  The sensation was very strong.  I feel so much better.   Thank you."

--Nathalie, Vancouver,


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"I did not know who to ask for help.  A friend recommended you.  This event from the past, the one that prevented me from Being...  doesn't affect me anymore. If feel free, totally free.  Everything was blocked for me.  My creativity wasn't there anymore. My love for Life was gone.   It is a new chapter that is starting for me."

--Margarita, Peru

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"I am so happy to have found your website.  I could not detach myself from my ex-boyfriend.    I knew he was toxic for me but something was always bringing me back to him.  The session "LIBERATION" changed everything for me.  At last, I am able to continue on my path without being attached to him."

--Aiko, Japan