Karmic Freedom

Evolution is now.

There is what we call "inner" and "outer" karma.  The latter is the physical manifestation of the "inner" karma.

Inner Karma holds the key to the causes of some karmic contracts, patterns, etc... So, we have to transmute the "inner karma" containing interdimensional data that is limiting us in order to evolve and expand, and transform the "outer karma" (nature of circumstances, experiences, interactions, etc...)


This is what "Karmic Freedom" offers us: 

  • freeing ourselves from karmic programs, memories and belief systems that are preventing us from connecting with our true potential.

  • integration of lessons from past and parallel lives
  • deactivation of karmic loops and contracts keeping us in an eternal state of trauma, chaos and karmic debt
  • transmutation of "in between lives influences" which can keep you stuck, lost and vibrating with low frequencies
  • release of karmic consequences and scars due to toxic bonding from past lives and parallel lives as well

Note: while and/or after receiving a healing sessions, layers of what needs to be transformed might show themselves.  If that is the case, they will be transmuted.


Note: After purchasing the session, the client will need to provide this info:  name, date of birth, city and country, a recent picture.  Pictures contain the person's energy.  It will then be used to connect with the hyper dimensional frequential data contained in the client's energy.

An hour before the session, I will start meditating on the client's energy and situation.  This is also done in order to create a sacred and protected healing space. The session usually lasts an hour.  Then, a written report is sent to the client.

$89 USD

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