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Plants are conscious

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

"In a fraction of a second, my consciousness of the world was changed. The whole of my thought process as well as my systems of values were now oriented towards this research." --Cleve Backster

Backster performing one of his experiments. (Henry Groskinsky, Time Life Pictures, Getty Images)

Cleve Backster, who worked for the CIA for at least 35 years, as a lie detector test specialist, made some mind blowing discoveries while working on plants. Before he worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, he served in the Navy, during the Second World War. He then was part of the Army Counter-Intelligence Corps where he specialized in hypno and narco-interrogation techniques. That is where he actually worked with what we call "truth serums."

And then, in 1948, he joined the CIA. While working for the agency, he took part in the polygraph program. Ten years later, he founded the "Bacskter School of Lie Detection, in NY. He was a teacher in that institution. His students were detectives, FBI agents, NYPD officers, etc... He certainly knew a lot about lie detection. He was seen as an expert as he testified in courtrooms and before Congress on various matters.

One day, in 1966, he simply had the idea to hook a plant to his polygraph and see what would happen. He watered it -- simple thing to do when you have a plant -- and it felt joy, just like a human being would feel if something pleasant was experienced. Then, he only thought of burning a leaf and the plant reacted with fear. Before he could even reach the match, the polygraph registered an intense and violent reaction of fear and anxiety coming from the plant. The plant felt what we call FEAR. It reacted to thoughts, not actions.

His findings were astonishing. He proved that plants can perceive emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc... or the frequencies belonging to the words, the thoughts, the beliefs. He proved, without the shadow of a doubt that plants feel human thoughts and react with emotions, the same ones humans feel. The plant felt the joy of being watered... it also felt fear when Mr. Backster thought of harming it. This one of a kind experience marked Backster for Life.

Did his research end with this experience ? Absolutely not. He confirmed his first discoveries with the help of other experiments, other plants, and other instruments. He studied this matter with other people in other premises: always the same conclusions !

And yet, even if the results were more than conclusive, his findings were contested by the establishment. Of course, no surprise there ! The establishment wouldn't want us to find out that the world is not what we have been told it is. His findings were contested and still are, by many scientists. We are kept in the dark about many things. That way, when not questioning anything, we believe in the illusion that we are separated from everything. The more we believe that we are separated from one another, the more we lose our power.

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

--Nikola Tesla

He did other experiments. He continued his work and found more and more proofs that something was connecting us with everything. He called it "fundamental attunement between living things."

Mr. Backster talked about a "primary perception" as an undiscovered sense. That undiscovered sense belongs to all living things. They can all detect and respond to human thoughts and emotions.

This World is not what we think it is. We are connected to each other... experiencing each other's thoughts, emotions, experiences, etc... Mr. Backster's experiments prove that thoughts affect matter, that the waves we create with our consciousness, our mind, are a force... that there is no separation... and that the empty space between us doesn't really exist. It is not empty. It is full of pathways of information. It is continuously remodeled via our thoughts, words and actions. That empty space is consciousness, it is energy. It transmits data to everything.

"The planet is going to have the last word concerning the damage humans are inflicting upon it. It's only going to take so much abuse, and then it may well burp and snort a little, and destroy a good bit of the population. I don't think it would be a stretch to take the hypothesis one step further and attribute such a defense strategy to a kind of planetary intelligence."

--Cleve Backster

We are made of consciousness, of data, of information, of frequencies. We send our info to every living being through the grids of consciousness that compose and surround us. We affect everything around us... and everything inside of us. We send frequential information all the time to the human genome, to other genomes, to possible events... We affect the possible outcomes, the probable scenarios that the Human Race will encounter and manifest via our thought-forms, our belief systems, our global frequency. We are co-creating what Humans go through via our level of consciousness. It does not matter if we are aware of our contribution or not. It does not matter if we are aware of the power that lies in each of our thoughts or not.

Lets start asking ourselves some serious questions... Why are we bombarded by so much negativity ? The more we are in fear, or feeling anger or hatred, the more we will be unable to manifest greater realities for the Human Race. All the negativity we are surrounded with affects our power of manifestation... It dictates the kind of realities we manifest for ourselves and the World.

We are not separated from the World. The World is us.



-- Christine Poulin

We are pure Consciousness.

May you walk with confidence. May you walk with consciousness.

Christine Poulin

Artist – Teacher – Channel – Speaker – Energy and shamanic practitioner

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