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Be the observer, the witness and KNOW.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Become a witness by observing what is going on around you. Detach yourself from the fear, from the scenarios that are taking place on Earth. Do not be judgemental. Simply observe. Breathe deep. Go inside. Connect with the Universe within you. Get out of your mind and let go. Ask yourself this question: Do the realities that have taken place on Earth vibrate at the same frequency as the Sacredness of Life itself ?

Remember that spiritual awakening has nothing to do with your mind and has everything to do with the connection that exists between you and the Cosmos, you and the Source, you and the beauty of Life itself. Spiritual awakening cannot be understood with the mind. It can only and truly be understood and felt with your Heart, your Higher Self, your cells, your whole being.

Spiritual awakening is not something that happens solely at the 3D level. Nothing happens only in the 3D world. It is a multidimensional process, like everything else. It is an awakening that takes place within you and all around you, affecting your genome and other genomes as well.

The constructs that you have been programed with have been limiting the Human Race. They are obsolete and archaic. They have had one purpose and it is to keep us away from the Truth, in a dormant state, oblivious to who we really are.

In order to really awaken, you need to reconnect with the fiber of your Being which is frequential and multidimensional. The energetic grids and lattices that compose and surround you are made of the same fabric. It is the same frequential fabric that envelopes and constitutes all things. You are not separate from the Divine. Your Essence is divine. You are part of the Divine. It is part of you. Any dogma or belief system that tells you otherwise is limiting the Human Race.

It will become easier for all of us to connect to our Essence when we get out of the mind, out of the many layers of programing that have been implanted into our DNA, in our psyche (personal or collective). We have been forced to think in a certain way and see the world in an extremely limited way. There are many reasons why we need to transform the systems that are in place right now and one of them is that we simply need to break free from the inslavement and the state of global amnesia.

Never put yourself in a box. Never let any system put you in a box. If you sincerely believe that you need the boxes in order to BE, then you will manifest a partial version of who you to think you are. More precisely, you will manifest an illusion, a limited perception of the true being that you are.... That is exactly what has taken place on Earth. We have manifested limited versions of who we really are because of the systems that are in place. They do not serve Humanity. They serve themselves.

Human Beings are so much more than we have been told. So much more than we believe. We are absolutely incredible beings, multidimensional beings carrying incredible knowledge and we are able to manifest extraordinary realities.

It is time for us to dissolve the boxes, to transform our fear into love, compassion and consciousness and create waves of awakening. The boxes only exist if you believe in their existence. It is time for Humans to thrive. It is time for Humanity to lift the veil.



-- Christine Poulin

We are pure Consciousness.

May you walk with confidence. May you walk with consciousness.

Christine Poulin

Artist – Teacher – Channel – Speaker – Energy and shamanic practitioner

Copyright: One Humanity Now

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