• Christine Poulin

Are we choosing to evolve ?

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

We come into this World with programs, memories, beliefs that are not even ours . They are deeply embedded in our DNA, profoundly anchored in the Collective Consciousness. The programs, the memories, the beliefs that have been implanted in the Human Psyche for so long have been dictating our way of thinking, our way of Being, limiting us in our evolution. They have acted and still do as filters which prevent us from seeing Life as it really is... Their role is very present and predominant in our societies as most Humans have forgotten the real picture... who they really are... their purpose and the constant interconnection that exists between everything that IS. Most haven't had the opportunity to "download" and "install" the real information as the old one has become so powerful in its endeavor of taking over Human Freedom.

When not awake, one will simply repeat the same kinds of behaviors, and at the same time, will believe that they are free... They will not be aware that they are not really free thinkers... That what we have called FREEDOM has been based on plain lies... on illusions.

Most people think consciously 5% of the time, thus unconsciously 95% of the time, repeating the same thoughts over and over again. As most people, most human beings think the same thoughts over and over again, the same limited scenarios keep repeating themselves at microscomic and macrocosmic levels. Our personal realities take place according to the level of consciousness that is ours, and our collective realities follow the same rule... they are the result of what the Human Race has thought and believed.

Our thoughts, being pure energy and being connected to the morphic fields (fields of information, energetic fields, morphogenetic fields, etc...) that compose and surround us, and are simply being sent and received by all of us... It is an eternal dance of energy that is taking place between all living beings... Everything we do, think and say is being sent to the Collective consciousness and from that, we manifest our collective realities. Very simple. Very basic. We are all interconnected and contribute to the evolution or devolution of the Human Race. All of us. No exception.... All the time...

Is Mankind free ? No. Not at all. We have no idea what freedom really is as we have been programmed to think in a limited way... We have been prescribed, at many levels, how to think, what to say, what to do, how to be... What we call "freedom" is barely representing what freedom really is. It is as if the programs keep playing in the background, like broken records... unconsciously dictating us how to act, to think, to react, to feel. The result: societies that are sleepwalking, that do not question. Societies that feel no responsibility regarding the fate of its own, the fate of the Earth, of all living beings. The programs, as multi layered as they may be, have had one primary function : to limit us... In other words, their soul purpose has been one of diminishing the meaning of Life itself.

In order to finally take our handcuffs, our shackles off, we must understand that we have been repeating the same patterns without being aware of it... that we have been thinking in a certain way, in a very limiting way and that it has been taking us away from the true meaning of what it really means to be HUMAN. We have forgotten that we are interconnected to the fiber of Life and that, what we think, do, say and believe is in fact the cornerstone of every reality we have manifested so far.

We will truly be Human again when we remember that we are part of Creation... that we are One Race. The programs that have been imposed on us, making us believe that war is normal, that hatred is necessary, that we are disconnected from one another need to be deleted as they have acted as viruses in the Human Psyche. Only Consciousness, high frequencies can delete them. Only high frequencies can cancel their effect... High frequencies like compassion, equality, peace, respect for Life in all its forms... and Love. Hatred, division and the illusion of separation are not serving us. They are limiting us. We will not be able to evolve if we believe in them and give them our power.

We can transform the limiting programs and memories whether ancestral, karmic, cultural, collective... We have the power to delete the programs and vibrate with higher frequencies... It is our responsibility as residents of this plane to do so.



-- Christine Poulin

We are pure Consciousness.

May you walk with confidence. May you walk with consciousness.

Christine Poulin

Artist – Teacher – Channel – Speaker – Energy and shamanic practitioner

Copyright: One Humanity Now

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