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Grids of consciousness

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Around us, and in us, there are highways of information that carry knowledge, data, thought-forms, frequencies, emotions, beliefs, etc... This is what I see when I look at the "empty space" that lies in front of us:

That space that exists around us, is not empty at all. It is full of data. It is amazingly designed as a conscious hypercommunication highway. It receives data from all of us all the time. Everything that is about to take place on Earth is also carried in that field of consciousness as information. It vibrates at various intensities, depending on our own frequencies.... Yes, depending on our own personal frequency. That means that if we are in fear, we bring fear into that grid and everything that is connected through it receives that frequency. Now, having said that, lets remember that fear contracts our organs, our DNA and lowers the oxygen level that is brought to our brain, etc...

When i feel events before they take place, I know I am tapping into the data that is being transmitted through those grids. We are antennas and should all be able to tap into that frequential library that we are part of. It is possible, to get info from the "past", from the "present", from the "future"... as they are all part of conscious structure.

Within those grids, we co-create, all of us together, scenarios for the Human Race. Whatever we believe, feel and think will manifest itself in the outer world but will first start in our inner world.

All fields are intertwined, interlaced into one another. There is no separation. There is no beginning nor end to our personal fields as they are connected to all fields. Everything is interconnected through highways of information. There are many levels of consciousness in the grids as our thoughts, words, actions, beliefs carry all sorts of frequencies and belong to various realms as well.

We participate, whether we are aware of it or not, in the evolution or the devolution and even the aniliation of consciousness on Earth through everything that we do, think, say, believe... And if we aniliate consciousnes, then, we aniliate ourselves because we are consciousness.

When we become aware of who we are, we intrinsically know that we owe it to ourselves and Humanity itself to do everything with awareness, consciousness, love, respect, and peace. When we know what our responsibility is, can assist the Human Race into manifesting better scenarios, more luminous ones... that means that we can co-create realities that really represent what it means to be Human.

Our greatest potentials exist in those grids in the form of frequential information, or data... Our greatest potentials exist all around us, and inside of us as well. As mentionned before, we are not separated from those grids.... They exist outside of the time-space continuum. So, it means, that when we start vibrating at higher frequencies, we will become aware that we also exist outside of that time-space continuum. Those limiting concepts do not represent us. We exist outside of them... We are consciousness. We are physical representations of pure consciousness.



-- Christine Poulin

We are pure Consciousness.

May you walk with confidence. May you walk with consciousness.

Christine Poulin

Artist – Teacher – Channel – Speaker – Energy and shamanic practitioner

Copyright: One Humanity Now

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