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Hypersensitive in an Insensitive World

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

It can be extremely difficult to live in a world where you do not fit in, where you feel different, when you are hypersensitive, especially if you are a conscious being. And the worst thing is when you feel misunderstood, judged and alone.  That can make things seem insurmountable and almost impossible to overcome. Do not give up. Never give up.

For the souls that have an extensive understanding of the Universe, of Life, and what it really means to be a Human Being...  for those who have extrasensory abilities that we do not encounter in the "normal" population...  for those who have direct contact with the human race's real potential, and a profound knowledge of the world we live in, it can be difficult to live on Earth.  That very experience can simply be horrible and painful. It can feel like your Soul is in a prison.

This place called Earth, which is the "sphere" we have elected as our home for this lifetime, can transform itself in a very harsh terrain, in a very arid and shaky kind of grounds. Some of us are different and know that there is something wrong with the world. Our conception of Life might not match with the limited and incomplete definition that most people have of what it means to be human.  We can at times get a crystal clear sensation that we do not belong to this world.  It can become an indisputable fact, a certainty.

Free souls, free spirits that are conscious of their multi dimensionality, of their sacred and "universal" nature, have, very often, the impression that they cannot blossom, that they cannot be who they really are in a world such as ours.  They feel that they are slowly dying because they are part of an unconscious world, a world that is so disconnected from the Higher Spheres.  They continuously must remind themselves that they are here to bring more Light.

This is not easy because they are constantly judged, they are ridiculed, and labelled.  Unjust judgements, false and ungrateful labels are being thrown at them incessantly.  Instead of receiving such an unfair treatment, they should be seen as guides, as a beacon of Light for Humanity.  They are often seen as emotionally unstable, even as heretic but that limited point of view is not reflecting who they really are.  They are hypersensitive, vibrating at a higher frequency and have amazing knowledge, which they would love to share with the rest of the world but instead of unrolling the red carpet for them, most people would rather push them aside and categorize them as unfit, different, flaky.  Interestingly enough, red carpets are constantly unrolled for superficial people as they are keeping the human race in an eternal state of "zombieism". The system has been created to keep the human race asleep and unaware.

Regarding the mass, regarding that mass of people who just blindly follow the norm, who just do not have a single clue of the multidimensional aspect of their very Being, life often seems so easy, so much easier.  For them, life seems to flow.  So many live their lives according to norms prescribed by a society disconnected from universal consciousness, where people just follow limited models of Being, where they just become zombies, where no one questions anything, where being unique and different is forbidden... In the World we live in, people become copies of copies...

For the hypersensitive souls who walk on this Earth, the world we live in is a crazy world, an empty one... a world full of nonsense, a world that goes against what Life should be on this "planet".  They know that the majority of humans are sleeping.  They know that the majority of humans believe in a static world, a tridimensional, physical world and that nothing else exists.  They know that the majority of humans believe that Life limits itself to being born, working and dying.

Many have the impression that a mistake has been made when they were born, that they are not at the right place.  Many would like to be living an unconscious life because, at times, the weight is too grand to carry.  Life on Earth can then seem very painful and unbearable and they just can't wait to go back Home.  Oftentimes, they become frustrated, bitter, angry and feel like they are inadequate for this world. Their soul is simply tired.

Those hypersensitive human beings possess amazing abilities that must be shared with the rest of Humanity.  It is imperative for them to be surrounded by peace, calm and by people who understand them.  It is necessary for them to be surrounded by positive waves as they feel everything.  What is happening around them, around the world, they feel... They can feel a hundred times more than most people do.  What is happening in the subtle worlds, they can feel.  They can feel things before they take place in the 3D world.  Feeling everything all the time becomes unbearable sometimes...  Yes, it can become absolutely unbearable.  This is why it is necessary for them to recycle the energies they feel.

Art, in its many forms can assist you, can assist the hypersensitives, can assist all of us, in recycling, in transforming the many types of energies that are being felt.  With art, it is possible to create a connection with the subtle worlds, with the true Being that we are.  Art will help us in liberating, transforming the energies that are keeping us captive of the limited illusion of Life, the one most people adhere to.

Art -- dance, writing, painting, sculpting, etc... -- are linked to very powerful energies of self-expression, of self-realization, of universal connection.  By expressing ourselves through art, we can channel our knowledge, our wisdom, our energy, our frequency and create something that will embody our energetic signature.  That product will be an extension of who we are. 

We must find a way to express ourselves without censuring who we are in order to grow roots into our own personal world but also into this reality because we are here (and of course, in many other realities at the same time).  This will allow us in creating energetic openings with the many facets of who we are which, in return, will permit us to manifest ourselves in the here and now.  Art brings balance...  Art can be the cornerstone that we need in order to bring energetic stability into our lives.

While witnessing that the majority of human beings are "disconnected from their own nature" and are living in a zombie mode can become a heavy notion to carry, it is necessary to create a sacred personal space in order to find ourselves...  A space where it is possible to fully recenter and manifest ourselves...  In order to totally vibrate with the highest of frequencies, the ones that our Soul wants us to recognize.


We are pure Consciousness.

May you walk with confidence. May you walk with consciousness.

Christine Poulin

Artist – Teacher – Channel – Speaker – Energy and shamanic practitioner

Copyright: One Humanity Now

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