Evolution is now.

We are multi dimensional beings existing in more than one dimension and universe at the same time.  We interact with other realms all the time, even without knowing it. Beings, energies, implants, programs from other planes influence our behavior, belief systems, thought-forms, power of manifestation, etc...  They can prevent us from connecting with our real nature and potential. By transmuting those negative and debilitating elements, we allow ourselves to expand, evolve and manifest brighter realities.

This is what "Transcendence" offers:

  • releasing of spirit possession and inorganic beings (in this time line and others)

  • extraction of lower astral and inter dimensional influences (including 4th dimensional programs)

  • dissolution of etheric implants

  • transformation of limiting influences coming from the collective energy field

  • repair and activation of Assemblage point

  • dissolution of energetic imprints created by inter dimensional crisis and trauma (providing inter dimensional resolution and peace)

  • disconnection from dual universes where our consciousness or parts of our Soul have been trapped

Note: while and/or after receiving a healing sessions, layers of what needs to be transformed might show themselves.  If that is the case, they will be transmuted.


Note: After purchasing the session, the client will need to provide this info:  name, date of birth, city and country, a recent picture.  Pictures contain the person's energy.  It will then be used to connect with the hyper dimensional frequential data contained in the client's energy.

An hour before the session, I will start meditating on the client's energy and situation.  This is also done in order to create a sacred and protected healing space. The session usually lasts an hour.  Then, a written report is sent to the client.

$89 USD

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